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 Personnel Locator Help Pages

About the Personnel Locator
Data Sources

 About the Personnel Locator

The Personnel Locator was designed to help people with a military connection get back in touch with each other. Here's how the Personnel Locator works.

The Personnel Locator searches three data sources:
  1.'s member database
  2.'s Missing Buddy pages
  3. Department of Defense personnel records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
(For more detail see Data Sources.) If the person being sought is a member of, contacting him via email is simple. However, many people being sought are not yet members of In this instance, the Personnel Locator attempts to provide the user with a "best guess" as to a person's current state of residence. Using this "best guess," the user can search the white pages in that location. The Personnel Locator also helps you connect with other members who are searching for the same person. The best way to get back in touch and to stay in touch is to join and engage!

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 Data Sources

The Personnel Locator draws its data from four sources. These sources are:
  1.'s member database
  2.'s Missing Buddy database
  3. Department of Defense (DoD) personnel records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  4. The local telephone directory's white pages's member database contains all of the information a person provides when he registers with The Personnel Locator searches this information and displays only the information that a person inputs in his Personal Profile. If a registered user wishes to contact another registered user, he must do so by sending a "blind" email. will not release a user's personal information to another user. See our Privacy Policy for more detail.'s Missing Buddy database is comprised of all the information that a member provides when he creates a Missing Buddy page. As a member of you can choose to contact the person who created the Missing Buddy page using the email address he provided.

  Department of Defense personnel recordscontain information publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act. Examples of information that requests using the Freedom of Information Act are name, rank, military occupation specialty, last assigned unit, and home of record. Examples of information that does not request are Social Security Number, home address, home phone number, date of birth, state of current residence, email address, or any information pertaining to a person's health, education level, or family.

Due to the immense size of the Department of Defense database (20+ million listings), occasional inaccuracies exist. It is's policy to not alter or update entries in this database except to input the current year's personnel information. If you feel that a record from this database contains an error, the best way to ensure that your correct information appears on the site is to register with Once you have registered with, you can ensure that your information will be accurately displayed at the top of the Search Results page whenever someone searches for you.

The White Pages database contains current home address and home phone number exactly as it appears in the local white pages. If a person is not listed in the local white pages their information will not appear in the white pages search.

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The Personnel Locator was designed to help people stay in touch. Great care was taken to respect the privacy of our users. The Personnel Locator is not designed to find people who do not wish to be found. All information contained in the Personnel Locator is available to the public. For more information please see our Privacy Policy. understands that some people might not wish to be found. It is our policy to respect the desires of our country's service members, however, does not actively maintain the records contained in the Department of Defense public records. For this reason we cannot honor requests to alter or remove a listing that appears in this database. If you are concerned by any information that appears in the Personnel Locator here are a few things to consider:

  1. Unless you have registered with, the information provided is simply a copy of publicly available information maintained by the Department of Defense. Removing your name from the database will not remove your name from the government's personnel databases. Information maintained by the government is available to any person who requests it.

  2. Unless you are listed in the public white pages, the information provided by does not contain the following information: home address, home phone number, email address, state of current residence, or any information pertaining to your health, education, or family.
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